Some More Really Cool Benefits of LEDs

We at Bright Energy Services have been advocating LED lighting for a quite some time now. The high efficiency and aesthetic appeal of modern LED lamps are unmistakable. But for those of you who still need some convincing to make the switch, here are a few motivating points that might just do it.

There are benefits to using LEDs in both cold and hot environments. Unlike CFL bulbs, LEDs are more efficient and shine brighter in the colder environments. CFLs or fluorescent strip lamps take a long time to “warm up” in the cold. Unheated garages, supermarket freezer displays, outdoor Christmas lights, and even home refrigerators are perfect for LED applications. For warmer environments, a switch to LED lighting can abate the attraction of insects, which are attracted to the infrared and the blue visible spectrums of light. LEDs do not emit in the infrared spectrum unlike fluorescent and incandescent lamps. Thus, by using soft/warm white LEDS in the color temperature range of 2700K-3000K, you would not have to worry about insects getting trapped and collecting in your lamp fixtures.

LEDs can increase supermarkets’ bottom lines. Meat at most supermarket display cases are currently lit by fluorescent lighting. Unlike LEDs, fluorescent lamps emit significant amounts of UV light. UV light fades the red color of fresh meat to a dull brown or grey hue and is detrimental to its freshness. It also accelerates the spoilage of fats in the meat which degrades flavor and induces odor. Also with LEDs, infrared and heat radiation is eliminated. Freshly stocked shelves often have the upper products inches away from the light source. With fluorescent bulbs, a lot of heat is transferred onto the product with the light. However, due to circuitry temperature constraints, LED luminaires are designed so that nearly all of the heat produced is dissipated from their heat sinks and heat is directed away from shelf items. For red meat, the use of LED lighting can prolong shelf life for another day or more.

LEDs are also a healthy alternative in lighting. Whereas fluorescent and HID lamps require toxic gases built within the components to operate, LED lamps are mercury- and lead-free. They are solid state crystals which do not pose a threat to people or the environment. This is especially important in tightly enclosed spaces where air changes are slow to occur. In fact, LEDs are used to treat newborns with jaundice by making blue phototherapy treatment possible. Furthermore, students at schools with LED-lit classrooms have shown to be more productive and score higher on standardized tests.

Bright Energy Services can offer your business expert consultation on upgrading or retrofitting your current lighting system with LEDs. We will work to secure you utility and municipal financial incentives for upgrading and complying with ASHRAE standards. In addition to creating a healthier atmosphere and improving occupant comfort, savings in electricity will be realized. Give us a call today at (347) 470-7090 to discover what opportunities are available for you!

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