NYC Local Law 87 2014

The second cycle of New York City Local Law 87 is here and it’s time for nearly 1,500 buildings whose tax lot numbers end with the number “4” to starting getting serious about completing their energy audits and retro-commissioning requirements. The deadline is December 31, 2014, and the process can take a few months if all goes smoothly.

Local Law 87 mandates energy audits and retro-commissioning performed for practically all buildings in New York City and the boroughs with a gross square footage of 50,000 or more. This requirement covers all types of facilities regardless of zoning type or ownership. Last year, a number of non-complying buildings received hefty fines and will continue to be subjected to $5,000 fines for each additional year of non-compliance. These are buildings situated in tax blocks ending in a”3” and failed to submit a comprehensive Energy Efficiency Report filed by December 31, 2013. The Department of Finance has taken a firm stance regarding excuses of “failure-to-file.” If you building’s tax lot number ends in a “4”, don’t let yourself end up in non-compliance with hefty fines.

Although the local law may appear to be conceived solely to collect fines, there are some very well meaning intentions to it that are aimed to reduce energy-related costs. Such cost savings will typically be worth the cost of compliance. The final audit reports will have a thorough schedule of recommended energy saving measures, that when employed, will yield reduced operational expenses. Savings from reduced energy consumption are reflected in utility bills which can be significant over time. Furthermore, Con Edison and NYSERDA is offering funding to assist in offsetting the upfront costs of the implementation of energy efficiency measures.

Property owners are ultimately responsible for complying with the law, but selecting a qualified energy auditor and retro-commissioning agent (who must not be a member of the building staff) can be difficult. Bright Energy Services can help you through the entire Local Law 87 compliance process. Give us a call today at (347) 470-7090 to learn more.

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