Local Law 84: Benchmarking

As of 2009, a legislation knows as NYC Local Law 84 was passed. This LL84 refers to the requirements for all buildings in New York City over 50,000 square feet to submit an annual energy benchmark. In addition all properties with two or more buildings that total over 100,000 square feet  that are on the same lot or under the same condo board have to benchmark their energy consumption. The first report was due May 1, 2011 and subsequent reports are due every year on May 1.

Benchmarking refers to the process of inputting and submitting energy and water consumption, among other criteria, for a building for the previous calendar year. This can be done using the EPA’s web-based Portfolio Manager tool. Water usage data is required to be bench-marked if the Department of Environmental Protection automatic reading equipment has been in place for the for the entire previous calendar year.

For commercial tenants, the owner of a building must request information from tenants separately metered energy use for the previous year between January 1st and January  31st of the reporting year. The tenant must in turn provide the information by February 15.

Utility companies such as Con Ed and the National Grid are able to directly upload utility bill data which in turn relieves owners and tenants of reporting obligations. This ensures that data is up to date and reported on time.

For more information in regards to this local law and to read the legislation: http://www.nycbenchmark.com/


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